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Amazing Sri Lanka Holidays

Plan your holidays to Sri Lanka with “Explore Sri Lanka”


Are you planning to go on a holiday??? Going to an island nation would be an amazing destination for your holidays. One such island nation is Sri Lanka located in the Indian Ocean, south of India. You can get superb sri lanka holiday packagesonline. One such holiday package provider is Explore Sri Lanka. Explore Sri Lanka is a Sri Lanka tour operator which has been planning your Sri Lanka tour for 8 long years. They provide you with the best deal at the best rate.

Explore Sri lanka is a Sri Lankan tour operator that had been creating great vacations and amazing holidays.

Explore Sri Lanka by Lakpura

Since its registration in 2008, Lakpura LLC has been given the authority by the Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka for all tourism management and planning. Lakpura means “whole of Sri Lanka”. Since its inception, this tour operator has been planning and providing amazing Sri Lanka holiday packages and Sri Lanka tailor-made holidays to the travelers.  They are the best tour operator to plan and explore your sri lanka tailor-made holidays. Explore Sri Lanka specializes in the given fields which make them one of the best, trustworthy and reliable Sri Lanka holiday packages providers:- 






Beach stays

Wildlife visit

Bird watching

Adventure sports


The changing landscape & wildlife

One thing which attracts a large number of tourists to Sri Lanka is the climatic variations in Sri Lanka; the landscape and wildlife changes enormously over a small range of distance. One moment you will find yourself in the hot, whisk and crowded streets of the village and on the other you will find yourself in the chilly mountain ranges which are encompassed by the tea fields. The very next moment you will find yourself watching the wild elephants on the road side. A few minutes later you may be standing under a grand waterfall, escaping the heat.

Sri Lanka holiday packages

Explore Sri Lanka provides different Sri Lanka holiday packages with variations like 6 nights 7 days, 7 nights 8 days, etc. You can choose a holiday package according to your requirement, but in order to explore the whole of Sri Lanka you require a minimum time of 6 nights and 7 days.

Before trusting on Explore Sri Lanka for Sri Lanka tailor-made holidays, you can yourself have a check on the rates and reviews provided by hundreds of clients who relied on Explore Sri Lanka for planning their trip to Sri Lanka.

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Best Family Holidays In Sri Lanka

Adventurous Trip to Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is the beautiful place where you can explore heritage, wildlife, tea garden, huge waterfalls, safari, bird watching, adventure sports.

Sri Lanka Holiday

Planning and organizing a Sri Lanka Holiday would be a memorable journey full of adventures, sightseeing and themed tours.

You should look out the packages approved by Sri Lankan Tours and Travel Authority. Travel fervors are experiencing and exploring every nook and corner of the city with great enthusiasm. The tourists like to spend time in their cottages, beaches inhaling the fresh natural breeze.

Explore Sri lanka is a Sri Lankan tour operator that had been creating great vacations and amazing holidays. 

Sri Lankan Tourism operators help you in exploring flora and fauna of nature with Wildlife holiday packages.

Wild life trip includes safari in the deep jungles as well as mysterious sea journeys.

Sri Lankan waterways, mountains and deep forests offer exciting opportunities to embrace the thrill of scuba Diving, surfing, water rafting, camping, trekking and mountain climbing.

Sri Lanka Vacation

During Sri Lanka vacations tourists can enjoy watching birds, adventurous meeting with wild animals, water sports, hiking and camping near the beach. They can spend their some leisure time by sitting under the sun, and enjoying the beauty of unlimited ocean.  

Being a paradise on the earth, Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for nature lovers. White-gold-sandy beaches with crystal clear water palm tree shreds, dense tropical jungles enriched with wildlife, great history and culture are just some of the hidden gems of this small and scenic island.

So just get ready for the trip to Sri Lanka - A great destination for the tourists:

Plan to stay at beach resorts in nearby villages and hotels nearby Arugam Bay.

Just go for fishing or enjoy the leisure of sitting in seafront lounges while sipping fruit cocktail and drowning yourself into the scenic beauty of sunset.

Sri Lanka Tour

There are many sri lanka tours operators which are offering great vacations and amazing holidays for tourists which have satisfactory reviews & testimonials from hundreds of clients.

Registered in 2008, Lakpura LLC is in operation ever since and is accredited by the Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka.

They make arrangements for the guests to travel by catwalk.

Experience the raving waves of Arugam Bay and go undersea for exploring the underwater species with their properly arranged and authenticated services.

They plan and organize the Group Tours for the tourist in the island and adventure tours and if you shopping alcoholic then they have something for you as well.

Explore amazing Sri Lankan landscapes, mountains, sea, wildlife and heritage and gather some memorable moments for life. Just come to Sri Lanka for once!!

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